Whilst it’s important to drink water as part of a healthy lifestyle, it’s especially important after a massage treatment – here’s 5 reasons why: Water helps to cleanse the body from any toxins released by the muscles during a massage. Water helps restore circulation to the muscles. Water helps to prevent pain and soreness after [...]

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When we think of athletes and active people, we certainly don’t think of exercise being dangerous to their health.  It makes sense that active people would be healthier than sedentary ones.  The truth is, exercise and strenuous physical activity can increase our oxygen consumption in order to meet our energy demands.  This causes “oxidative stress” [...]

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We mentioned the importance of recovery for athletes in a recent post.  In this third Podcast (and last in this series) from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI), the importance of Protein for recovery is discussed.  To hear Part three: “Protein for recovery”, please click here. We hope you’ve enjoyed this series of Podcasts; to [...]

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Yesterday we featured Part 1 of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) Podcast on Protein Nutrition; for Part 2 “Protein use during exercise“, click here. The GSSI website also contains a “Sports Science Library” which contains information and articles on such topics as: Hydration, Sports Nutrition, Training & Performance, Medical Conditions & Sports Injuries and Youth [...]

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I recently found an interesting series of Podcasts from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) in the US . GSSI is a research and educational facility that has been sharing knowledge on sports nutrition and exercise science for over 20 years.  GSSI is committed to helping athletes optimise their health and performance through research and education [...]

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