The importance of recovery for Masters athletes

Robert came across this excellent resource for Masters athletes whilst at the 2009 World Masters Games in Sydney.

Dr Peter Reaburn, sport scientist and masters athlete is the mastermind behind . This online resource includes information on: Sports Performance, Nutrition, Recovery, Supplements, Training and more and offers two newsletters on a subscription basis.

From a Sports Massage point of view, one of our big concerns when it comes to athletes and their training is Recovery. Professor Reaburn stresses the importance of recovery in Masters athletes as recovery takes longer with age following intense training sessions.  Sports Massage is listed as a critical component of an athlete’s recovery and is rated Medium-High as a recovery strategy.

Professor Reaburn’s book is a must-have for Masters athletes from any sport. It is available for purchase from his website.

The Masters Athlete by Peter Reaburn

If you are a Master’s athlete based on the Gold Coast, contact us to discuss your training program and how Active Body Therapies can assist you with recovery strategies that will enhance your training regime.

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